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                                                                                       Dr. Moira Gunn

Dr. Gunn Speaks ...


Dr. Gunn is frequently engaged to keynote, to interview guests on-stage, to moderate panels, and to emcee entire events.

Representative recent engagements include:

   - On-stage interview with the 2017 World Design Medal Winner, Hartmut Esslinger, at the Mercedes Benz "me Convention" in Frankfurt, Germany

   - Fireside chat with Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, and Dr. Ray Deschais, Senior Vice President for Discovery Research at Amgen, on the occasion of Amgen's significant investment in biology education on the Khan Academy website

   - Inaugural Keynote Speech - the Science and Society Honors Lecture Series, Purdue University

   - Nobel Laureate Panel, The Exploratorium - Moderator with Panelists: Elizabeth Blackburn, President, The Salk Institute, Steven Chu, Physicist & Former Secretary of Energy, Saul Perlmutter, Astrophysicist, and George Akerlof, Economist

   - Spartan Leadership Talk on Challenging Yourself to Dare

   - Faculty, Annual Exponential Medicine Conference, 2015-to-present, "From 'Omics to Action"

   - Faculty, Annual BIO Bioentrepreneurship Boot Camp, 2012-to-present, "Working with the Media: Thoughts for Bioentrepreneurs"

Popular topics include:

Innovation Lessons from Silicon Valley

Whether focused on teams, leadership, organizations, or individuals, all play a role in the global success of Silicon Valley.  From its historic acceptance of failure, to its sensibility to change the world, the innovation lessons of Silicon Valley are more nuanced than they appear, just as they are more generally applicable for any group - or anyone - striving to achieve.

Insights from Tech Nation Health

Culling from some 1,000 interviews with scientist-entrepreneurs, Dr. Gunn explores how the scientific breakthroughs and emergent technology of today will drive our health and wellness in the future.

Other Topics Abound ... given the breadth and depth of Tech Nation programming.

Email Contact: DrGunnSpeaks@gmail.com